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This website is set up to give an easy link into all the business interests I have, and for people to get to know me and what my business interests can offer you.

A little about me.

I have a passion for success, I like to help people and I am well known for my generous nature!. I will always be straight fair, and proper in all I do. I have done a lot in my life and I have seen a lot, some things that I hope I never see again.

What makes someone never give up? Is it their determination, their perseverance or a strong belief of themselves? It’s really all of the above. Are you missing any? What can you do to find it/them?

Ever since I was school age, my father told me I could do anything I put my mind to. He told me that I had to believe in myself and to never give up. This saying goes a long way with me as I have persevered it throughout my life on many different levels.

Heres me with Top Gears new presenter
the legendary Sabine Schmitz

Germany Nurburgring 2012

John Landing in Jersey

Johns Baron

I started out as a welder, wanting to have my own business one day. I did what it took to make that happen. I went to college, served a painful 5 year apprenticeship to become a tradesman on crap wages. I was one who could not take orders, whilst I did what I had to do and earn money my sites were set much higher.

As time went on, I developed a better understanding of my job, of business and how to make money. Eventually I had the guts to start my own business. I persisted and persevered, getting my fabrication business established and developing one of the biggest Shipping Container Sales Portfolios on the web.

But it takes time, effort and highs and lows, pain, suffering and things that happen beyond your imagination but never back down. A wise man once said “Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success- if you love what you’re doing you will be successful. In life things happen, some good some bad but that’s life, if it was easy everyone would be running their own businesses.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you should never give up. Keep reinventing yourself and find the passion within you to create what you want in life. It’s an ongoing process that is ever changing and evolving. Me I cannot stop developing more ways to market my shipping containers, websites, emails, phone calls, I am a one man gang!! But it works for me and my business.

Be patient and kind, give to others less fortunate than you, I believe in Karma it’s a life changing experience when your kindness reaps rewards. Share your success with family and close friends it is truly a great feeling to share your success with family gatherings that you pay for! Follow your instincts because you only have this life! So do what it takes to make you what you want, and live the life you should.

I am without question a devoted family man. I love big gatherings, parties and people to share what I create. Sadly I was once a widower but have rebuilt my life with my new wife Sheila who is truly my rock and shares everything I create.

I have children and grand children whom I love dearly. My business interests give us a comfortable living; I work far too many hours, but enjoy the buzz of another sale. I can sell snow to Eskimos I guess that is why I always bounce back. I love to fly having flown my first solo in 1997!

I like fishing but above all my first passion is to make money. I think blues man “Sea Sick Steve” nailed it one time when he quoted “I started off with nothing and got most of it left” a rather humorous quote which in my case has no bearing at all but I do like him.

Shipping Containers Web

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Greenfield Productions

My company www.fabricationandsiteservicesuk.com does work with a film company. This Challenger jet is owned by him and was featured in the block buster movie Red with Bruce Willis and Helen Miran

I like music from rock to blues, jazz and I was good friends with blues and jazz legend Gordon Haskell of King Crimson fame, check out Gordon’s website www.gordonhaskell.com. Sadly recently Gordon left us for that big stage in the sky but those tunes and memories will live on.

I am a member of Dorset Constabulary ( Volunteer Policing) and also run several business watch schemes in my spare time in support of my colleagues as a Police Business Liaison. I work in a busy Police environment part of a great Policing team keeping the people of Dorset safe.

These websites can be viewed at Url www.businesswatchnewforest.com I also work on a regular basis alongside other police officers on patrol and helping where I can in the execution of their duties. I have a very good working relationship with my police colleagues and I am a huge supporter of the hard work all our police officers do to protect us all. I am very proactive in promoting the positive side of Police work. I’ve been involved in some interesting and some tragic cases but until you see what our police really undertake you’ll never quite relate to that work. I have a huge social media following and many UK and worldwide Police officers follow me. You too can follow me on Twitter @fabsiteuk  affectionately known by all as “JG”

Working for your self is very hard especially in the current economic climate but I have the view work hard play hard. I guess this is why I enjoy what I do, I have the ability to do what I want when I want, within reason of course loll…

But sharing is caring as my beautiful granddaughter always tells me as I do give a lot away in support of others less fortunate. Big supporter of Air Ambulance Services UK wide they provide a vital service that is second to none. When it comes to the circle of life I am always quoting an old Marine Corps buddy from West Virginia who had the saying “Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired live a long life “In reality it is a really good piece of advice. If I could give anyone bit of advice to anyone, having been to the school of hard knocks myself “Always remember cash is king” So what am I into? Check out this website for starters www.shippingcontainersweb.com this is one that links much of my business interests.